Have you just signed up for a Fluency and Fitness membership and you want to know all of the AMAZING ways you can use the site in your classroom? Well, you’re in luck! I am going to walk you through our entire website and the THOUSANDS of resources now available at your fingertips! Let’s get started! 


After you have signed up for a membership and logged in to the Fluency and Fitness site, you will see THIS screen.

Fluency and Fitness membership homepage screen

From here, there are options for you to click on: 

Members Home 

This is where you will click to access all of our resources! 


As you can see, our blog has lots of insightful tips and tricks for not only the Fluency and Fitness site, but teaching in general! Click here to read our posts! 


Have questions about your membership or payment information? Click here to see our frequently asked questions and to access information regarding your plan! 

From the “Account” page, you can select one of the options below: 

My Account screen


View your current membership or make changes to your plan such as upgrading to yearly rather than monthly. 


View all details of your payment history. You can also update your payment information here if needed. 

Log out

This one is pretty self explanatory, but the site is so much fun…why would you ever want to?!


At the bottom right hand corner of your page, you will see a “Chat” button. This is where you can reach one of our agents if you have any questions at all! We are here to help! 

NOTE: If for any reason you are unable to reach an agent, expect a follow up email ASAP to help you with anything you need! 

Let’s make our way back to the “Member’s Home” page and check out all of the games you and your students can enjoy! 


Once you’ve entered “Member’s Home”, you will see this screen. Get ready to have some FUN learning! On the left in PINK you will see our “Fluency & Fitness” videos.  

Fluency and Fitness helps students get in some movement, while still learning. These are what we call our “educational brain breaks!” Each video will help students review a specific skill and include a variety of exercises for students to do every so often. There are beginning and advanced versions for each video (3 sec. per slide or 6 sec.) depending on the pace and fluency level of your students. 

To Play: Students will say the answer to what they see on the screen. Then, when they hear the music and see an exercise, they will complete that exercise until another skill comes back on the screen.

TIP – To find the beginning and advanced version of the games, simply click on the “Options” tab underneath each video. 

Options toolbar


In the middle in PURPLE you will see our “Fluency Find It” games. 

Fluency Find It was created to help students review skills while working together as a team. Videos can be played individually now as well. There are also beginning and advanced versions of these games depending on the pace and fluency level of your students. 

To Play: Students simply see what is on the screen, then hunt for that answer on their worksheet and color it quickly. To play as a group activity, there are games that allow students to “switch spots” with a member of their group to answer questions. For independent play, students will switch colors to highlight/color their answer. Students will need red, orange, yellow, green and blue crayons or markers to play. 


On the left in BLUE you will see our “Digital Task Cards” 

The digital task cards are interactive games that can be played on any device. They work great for independent practice, literacy, math centers, small groups, OR whole group instruction. The task cards are self-checking, easy to assign to students, shuffle after every play, provide student data for teachers, and can be shared easily. 

To Play: Before the game starts, read/listen to the directions and do an example problem. Students can play these games independently by clicking on the correct answer. Since the task cards are self-checking, they cannot continue to the next card until they get the answer correct. When they begin a game, the task cards will open in a new window. When they finish a game, the task cards window will close on it’s own. 


Physical Phonics are videos to help your students learn phonics by incorporating actions and movement. The sounds/movements use a multi-sensory approach to help students learn sounds through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic movement. 

There are Physical Phonics videos for beginning letter sounds, blends, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, vowel teams/patterns, and diphthongs! 

To access Physical Phonics simply search by activity and scroll down to “Physical Phonics.” 

Search by Activity: Physical Phonics tab


In order to assign games to students and view student data reports, you will need to set up your classroom! 

In the Homepage/Library click on the “Classroom” tab. Choose your Class Name and then select the passing percentage aka the percentage of the game you would like for your students to get correct before they have “mastered” this concept. 

Once you are in your classroom you can start adding students. Add their first name, last name, and username for each student. 

NOTE: Usernames cannot be changed once designated to a student. 

Then, set a password for each student. You will want this to be easy enough for students to remember and enter themselves! 

Keep filling this out until you have entered all of your students. 


To assign a game to a student in your classroom, simply click the “Options” tab underneath the thumbnail. From here, click “Assign Game”. You can choose to assign to your entire class or you can assign to individual students. You can also select whether you would like to assign the “beginner” or “advanced” version of the game. Once assigned, the games will then go to that student’s Library.

Another way to assign games is by providing the “Game Link”. Choose this option if you would like for your students to play ONE game and you would like to collect data from this game. After copying the game link, you can paste in a different window, sign in with their student username and password, and they are ready to play! This feature is especially useful for Task Cards! 

If you would like for your students to play ONE game quickly without gathering data, select “Quick Play” and you will be given a code. 

The URL for Quick Play is: << This is the URL they will always use for Quick Play, so if you’d like to use this often, it’d be a great idea to save this link where students can reach it quickly! 

Students will see that a pin is required to play the game, they can enter the code that was provided to them, or they can sign in to play! 


You can also put your students into groups! This is great if you have small groups you are working with, reading groups, etc. To put your students into groups simply click on “Groups” and make a “Group Name” for each group. When editing or entering students, you can assign them to a group. Students can always be removed or switched around from group to group as needed! Then, you can assign games to groups as well! 

TIP: To view student data/reports click on the “Reports” tab from your Member’s Homepage. 


Don’t forget to utilize the  “Resources” tab! This is where you can find helpful tips, video tutorials, printables, etc. 


    1. Hi Claudia, we have content from PreK-3rd grade. I do have some 4th/5th grade teachers that use the site since we do have skills such as multiplication and division. I think it truly depends on the level of your kids. We do have a trial for 1 week for $1 that you can try. There’s a banner on the top of our site that gives you the coupon for that.

    1. Brittany Lynch

      Hi Amanda! We have a lot for math such as math facts from addition up to division, place value, skip counting, graphing, measurement, time, money, odd/even, shapes, etc. If you go to our FAQ page, look for the questions “what topics are covered” and you’ll see a list there.

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