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Fluency and Fitness®+ provides educational brain breaks, games, and digital task cards for K-2 classrooms. The activities on this site help students review essential literacy and math topics, while having fun. The site now includes Fluency & Fitness®, Fluency Find It® AND digital task cards for Kindergarten – 2nd grade...Yes, you get access to ALL 3 for 1 low price!!!  Get easy, online access to teaching resources all in 1 spot! With resources valued at over $2,000, you’ll save $ by becoming a subscriber, AND get exclusive content and features not found anywhere else.

Fluency & Fitness® helps students get in some movement, while still learning. It’s the perfect way to release some extra energy, without losing instructional time. Each video will help students review 1 skill and include a variety of exercises for students to do every so often. There are beginning and advanced versions for each video (3 sec. per slide or 6 sec.) depending on the pace and fluency level of your students. Over 1,150 videos included!

To Play: Students will say the answer to what they see on the screen (solve the math problem, read the CVC word, name the letter, say the missing number, etc). Then when they hear the music and see an exercise kid, they’ll do that exercise until another skill comes back on the screen. If you want to add movement to this activity, you can have the kid who just had a turn, run around the table once and then join the group again to play. By only having music on the exercises, it helps kids know when to transition from fun, back to learning.

Last year, I added Fluency Find It® as a BONUS to the Fluency & Fitness® membership ($450 value). Fluency Find It® was created to help students review skills, while working together as a team. The videos can be played individually as well now too. There are also beginning and advanced versions for these videos (6 sec. per slide or 10 sec.) depending on the pace and fluency level of your students. Over 780 videos included!

To Play: Students simply see what is on the screen, then hunt for that answer on their worksheet and color it quickly. I’ve updated the transition slides (compared to what I sell in my stores), so this can be played as a group or independently. Now when they see the spinning crayon, they will switch colors. They will need red, orange, yellow, green, and blue crayons or markers to start this game. If playing as a group, each kid will start off with 1 color, so until the crayon stops, they won’t know who gets the next turn to color in the answers. Worksheets are included and downloadable.

The digital task cards are interactive games that can be played on any device. They work great for independent practice, literacy and math centers, small group, whole group, and more. The task cards are self checking, easy to assign to kids, shuffle after every play, provide student data for teachers, and can be shared easily with kids. Over 250 games included so far!

To Play: Before the game starts, I read the directions and do an example question for them. Your students can play these games independently by simply clicking on the correct answer. They are self checking, so they cannot continue through the game until they get the answer correct. When they play a game, it will open in a new window, and close the window at the end, so you don’t have to worry about them clicking on anything they shouldn’t or getting lost.  

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Perfect for literacy & math, brain breaks, inside recess, small group, transitions, and more!

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These features are exclusive to this website and not found in older versions of these activities sold in my other stores.


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Includes videos and task cards to review over 60 main topics for literacy and math, appropriate for grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd. Enough skills to last your whole year AND differentiate learning.


Even the shyest of students BEG to play! Your whole class will be fully engaged while learning together. Students have so much fun, they don't even realize they're learning!


Incorporates more technology into your daily schedule to help you become a 21st century classroom. Lets you assign or send games/videos to kids for virtual teaching.​


Burn off that extra energy and help students get the wiggles out. Encourages kids to exercise and get up and move more. Even teachers love to participate with their class.