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Fluency and Fitness®+ provides some of the most popular teaching resources created by Brittany from Tickled Pink in Primary. The videos and task cardson this site, help students review essential K-2 reading and math topics, while having fun. Fluency and Fitness®+ is perfect for literacy and math blocks, brain breaks, literacy/math centers, inside recess, morning meetings, or just those few spare minutes in the day. According to teachers, students have so much fun, they don’t realize how much they’re learning. 

Fluency & Fitness®: Fluency & Fitness® helps students get in some movement, while still learning. It’s the perfect way to release some extra energy, without losing instructional time. Each video will help students review 1 skill and include a variety of exercises for students to do every so often. There are beginning and advanced versions for each video (3 sec. per slide or 6 sec.) depending on the pace and fluency level of your students. 

To Play: Students will say the answer to what they see on the screen (solve the math problem, read the CVC word, name the letter, say the missing number, etc). Then when they hear the music and see an exercise kid, they’ll do that exercise until another skill comes back on the screen. By only having music on the exercises, it helps kids know when to transition from fun, back to learning.

Fluency Find It®:  Fluency Find It® has now been added as a BONUS to the Fluency & Fitness® membership. Fluency Find It® was created to help students review skills, while working together as a team. The videos can be played individually as well now too. There are also beginning and advanced versions for these videos (6 sec. per slide or 10 sec.) depending on the pace and fluency level of your students.

To Play: Students simply see what is on the screen, then hunt for that answer on their worksheet and color it quickly. I’ve updated the activity a bit, so now when they see the spinning crayon, they will switch colors. They will need red, orange, yellow, green, and blue crayons or markers to start this game. If playing as a group, each kid will start off with 1 color, so until the crayon stops, they won’t know who gets the next turn to color in the answers. Worksheets are included and downloadable.

Digital Task Cards:

The digital task cards are interactive games that can be played on any device. They work great for independent practice, literacy and math centers, small group, whole group, and more. The task cards are self checking, easy to assign to kids, shuffle after every play, provide student data for teachers, and can be shared easily with kids.

To Play: Before the game starts, I read the directions and do an example question for them. Your students can play these games independently by simply clicking on the correct answer. They are self checking, so they cannot continue through the game until they get the answer correct. When they play a game, it will open in a new window, and close the window at the end, so you don’t have to worry about them clicking on anything they shouldn’t or getting lost.  

Fluencyandfitness.com is the NEW and IMPROVED version of what over 40,000 teachers are already using in their classrooms. Click here to see an easy comparison of the old Fluency & Fitness on TPT vs the new website.

Fluency & Fitness:

  • Fluency and Fitness® has been turned into videos with 2 different timers (3 sec. and 6 sec.) to allow for teachers to use this as their students either learn or master skills. No more PowerPoint needed or teachers having to be by the computer to control the activity! You don’t have to worry about downloading anything, simply view it all online. 
  • The videos now include music and animated kids on the exercise slides. We’ve doubled the exercises to include 20 different moves and also added answers after the math facts and to many other videos. 

Fluency Find It:

  • These have also been turned into videos, therefore not requiring PowerPoint anymore.
  • The “switch spots” slide has been changed to “switch colors”. This makes the videos be able to be played in groups, but now individually as well.

Digital Task Cards:

  • These NEW digital task cards can be played online and do not require PowerPoint anymore.
  • Now you can track student data, have the cards shuffled for each play, and assign kids games within the platform or with a URL link.

A HUGE bonus of fluencyandfitness.com is that teachers get access to ALL Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade content in 1 spot. You get my 3 most popular product lines for one low monthly price! If purchased, this would cost you over $1,000 and you still wouldn’t have all the extra features that the site offers. Subscribers also get some exclusive content not found anywhere else. The older sets found in my store are not being updated or added to. This library of videos makes it easy to differentiate learning. 

The videos and task cards on fluencyandfitness.com are geared toward Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. There are some PreK and 3rd grade teachers using the site. Check out the question below to see if the content is right for you. 

We now have a Fluency & Fitness video guide showing the skills included for each topic. There are Fluency Find It videos for almost all of these skills as well. 

Yes! You can assign the the task cards and videos right inside our platform or provide kids a URL to just 1 game at a time. You can then paste this url in Seesaw, Google Classroom, Canvas, etc. so the kids can click on the URL and the game will open in a new window. They will either enter their username/password or a code you provide, so the correct game pops up. See the video below for more info.

  • A device that runs a modern browser. Chrome or Safari are best.
  • A broadband internet connection that does not block Fluency & Fitness domains or Vimeo.com. The videos are embedded on the website and you are never taken off the page, but you may want to make sure these sites are not blocked by your school. Sign up to try the FREE videos to see if they’ll work for you.
  • If playing whole group, you’ll need a big screen for all students to see (projector, whiteboard, etc,) You can also play the videos on individual devices.
  • If you want to play this on a TV at home, you can airplay it through Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Miracast (for Roku tv’s), or an HDMI cable. You can read more to learn how to mirror to your TV.

Research shows that students are considered fluent when students can recognize a skill (letter, word, math fact, etc) in 3 seconds or less. We suggest using the beginning timed videos when you are teaching and reviewing new skills, and the advanced version when you think your students have mastered that skill. Having 2 versions gives you over 1,500 videos to choose from! Since these are videos, you can always pause them if needed.

The digital task cards are not timed. 

The videos range from about 2-6 minutes.  Video times are displayed on each video before you play.

Yes! Short tunes play on the Fluency & Fitness exercise slides. We do not have background music on any skill slides. This helps students know when to have fun and exercise and when to transition back to learning. Due to copyright laws, we’re still unable to include songs you’d find on the radio. 

You can have 50 students in your classroom. Each subscription is for 1 user only.

All major credit, debit cards, and PayPal. We also accept school purchase orders. 

We only accept purchase orders from schools for the 1 year subscription. Purchase orders can be made out to Fluency & Fitness and e-mailed to us. You can use your own form, or use our order form. Here is our w9 form, so your school can set us up as a new vendor. We’ll invoice the school, and set up your account manually. Purchase orders do need to be sent in each year in order to keep the subscription active.

Yes, we give a discount if you buy the Fitness/Find It/Task Cards plan for more than 1 user. Please contact us for more details. We’ll send you a brochure with information and pricing to pass along to your administration. We do accept purchase orders, which would need renewed each year in order to keep the subscription active. 

Many school e-mail addresses have strong filters and will send our e-mails to Spam/Junk or block them altogether. Fluency and Fitness® will send you emails with your login information, payment receipt, and any reminder notifications. You may also receive updates about new videos or features added to the site. Using a personal e-mail account will ensure you never miss a thing!



Go to your account. At the top, select the subscriptions tab. There, you will see your plan, your next billing date, and the expiration date of your subscription. Select the payments tab to see any payments you’ve made so far.

Yes! Go to your account and click the subscriptions tab at the top. Then you’ll be able to see the option “change plan”. Your billing period will be reset to the day of your newly purchased subscription.

For example, if the subscription is monthly, and was originally purchased on the 1st the month, but upgraded to yearly on the 15th of the month, the next billing date would be the 15th (the following year) instead of the 1st.

Go to your account and click the subscriptions tab. On the right side of that box, click update

Your subscription and access to the Fluency and Fitness® videos will be cancelled. To continue your subscription, you can login to your account, click the subscriptions tab at the top, then edit your payment information. 

Go to your account and then the subscriptions tab. On the right side, click cancel