If you’re looking for help to get  a subscription to Fluency & Fitness® funded, first talk to your principal to see if they have any available funds. You might also look for special grants available from your school district, PTO, and community business partners. Many teachers also find Donor’s Choose helpful.  
Principals & PTO: We have many schools that purchase memberships for their teachers. We offer a discount on 5 or more memberships to help you save more and get more students using Fluency & Fitness+. We accept purchase orders so your school can pay via check or we can send you a link to pay online with a credit card. Contact us for a brochure to pass along to your admin. You could also add this to your textbook fees or school supply list and have parents donate a few dollars each.

Donor’s Choose: On Donor’s Choose, you will simply click “Create a Special Request” at the bottom of the vendor list when creating your project. Enter Fluency & Fitness® as the vendor name, enter the amount for the subscription, and the web address to that particular subscription plan page. Next, finish filling out your request stating why your class would benefit from Fluency & Fitness®. You will typically be approved within a day or so, then hopefully get your project funded soon! :) You may need a payment document to show an itemized list of what you are ordering and the cost. CLICK HERE to download that form which is an editable PDF and can open in a PDF reader. You can type in your name and date to complete the form.

Mrs. Rodriguez was nice enough to share an example of her Donor’s Choose project for the subscription, in case you need help with the wording of your request.  

Gift Cards: We offer gift cards that you can purchase for any of our membership plans. These would make a great gift for your child’s teacher, student teacher, or a colleague! Learn more about how to buy a gift card.

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