amazon must haves for the classroom

At Fluency and Fitness+ we love helping teachers! Our goal is to make life easier for you with all of our digital resources in ONE spot! Today we are taking this one step further by sharing our Amazon must haves for the classroom that will come in handy! There are Amazon affiliate links in this post. As an affiliate, I do make a very small commission on purchases at no cost to you.

My favorite pens are these erasable pens! Not only are the fun and colorful, it you make a mistake, simply erase away! I also used to put these in our writing center for the kids to use.

A classroom doorbell is a life saver for transition times! If your class is struggling to transition quickly, try this to grab their attention. It even comes in multiple colors! 

classroom doorbell from amazon

Do you ever wish you could easily move your whiteboard from one side of the classroom to the other while teaching? Are anchor charts taking over your walls? Well, you’re in luck! This rolling white board is easily adjustable and portable! 

rolling white board from amazon

Need more classroom storage? Get organized with these clear, stackable storage bins! Add some cute labels and they’ll fit right in with your classroom theme! 

I LOVED using these magnetic hooks on the board in my classroom. Add a ring and hang anything you would like to display or have easily on hand! 

magnetic hooks from amazon

Did you know that printable, magnetic paper exists? I didn’t either until recently! Use this magnetic paper to print, cut, and display around your classroom! 

magnetic paper from amazon

When teaching Kindergarten, coming to the carpet was always a transition time battle. Personal space can be difficult for young students to learn. Sit spots are great for placing distance between students and providing assigned spots for them to sit quickly! They are a transition time lifesaver! 

sit spots from amazon

Dry Erase Pockets are great to slip in work for students to practice, especially during center time. Math facts, letter and number writing, etc. Students love to use the dry erase markers and it saves printing for you, because the worksheets can be reused over and over again inside of the pockets! 

dry erase pockets from amazon

Lastly, one of our members Katie, shared these awesome Rainbow Recorders with me. They are a bit pricer, but worth the splurge! She uses them to record her voice with directions for her students. It is great for students in small group rotations, if students come in late, or if they’ve been pulled out during initial directions for reading stations, etc. Simply record the directions for that center activity, leave a note or center name if needed on the wipe off board on front, and let your kids listen to the directions. What an easy way to get kids right on track, without interupting you!

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