Twas the month before summer and all through the school

Teachers envisioned sipping drinks by the pool

They’d taught their students all school year with care 

In hopes the sweet memories would always be there

When at the staff meeting their principal declared 

Only thirty days left to be sure they’re prepared 

It is time to review all day long indeed 

To ensure that their students would surely succeed 

The school year is officially coming to an end. Summer is so close you can taste it (the morning coffee you can drink while still hot, that is). There are only so many days you have left with your students to be sure you have set them up for success, so you must use it wisely! The last month before saying goodbye teachers around the world will be gearing up to review. Constant review can become pretty monotonous for both teachers and students, so we are here with ideas on how to make end of the year review fun for all! 


For quick and easy review, Fluency and Fitness+ has games made specifically for end of the year review. These games include every concept you could possibly need for Pre-K – Second Grade. 


Use teamwork to review with Fluency Find It! Students simply work together to see what’s on the screen and hunt for the answer on the worksheet. These games work on essential reading and math skills that students should be fluent in by the end of the year, while giving them a chance to get out of their seats and move a little bit.


Want data so that you know EXACTLY what each student needs to review for the end of the year? Assign Digital Task Cards and gather data as students work independently to answer each question. This is amazing for pinpointing the needs for each individual student and catering to them before they leave your classroom. 


Use your classroom stations to make end of the year review fun! Throw in activities to review multiple concepts you have learned throughout the school year and watch as students complete the activities 

Lower Elementary teachers – if you want summer themed stations without the hassle of having to prepare them yourself, check out this Summer Literacy and Math Centers blog post from Tickled Pink in Primary. 


At the end of the year, I always loved to send my students home with a Summer learning packet to complete throughout the summer months. This was not required, but would certainly be helpful for retaining information over the summer months. 


Make a fun keepsake and review at the same time! Creating an end of the year memory book is a great way for students to document their year while putting what they have learned to use! Use writing prompts such as “What was your favorite subject?”, “What was your favorite field trip?” or “Write a letter of advice to new students” so students can practice their writing!

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