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Happy New Year! Your holiday break is coming to an end and it is time to go back to the classroom. We all love the feeling of the new year and the excitement that it brings. Do you have new goals? Resolutions? Hopes? Well, not only is it a new year, but it is the halfway mark for the school year and the perfect opportunity for a fresh start! Need help getting started? Here are some tips to help in the new year! 


Why wait for spring cleaning? The new year is a great time to reorganize the spaces that do not spark joy for you! Pick an area (or two) of your classroom that you have been dying to spice up and give it the little makeover it deserves! For me, this area was always my small group table. Maybe it is that supply cabinet that needs to be organized or maybe you would like to set up a creative way to display student work – the options are endless! Here are some simple tips to help create a space that will bring you joy! 

  • Purge what you do not need. Gift to a new teacher – they will gladly take extra items! 
  • Tidy up to create a fresh space. A blank slate is always helpful! 
  • Add some new, fun items that will create excitement for you and the students! 
  • Add a couple of items that bring you joy. A candle warmer? A cute trinket that you love? Who says you can’t enjoy the space too? 


Coming back from Christmas break is the perfect time to review! Students just had a long break with family full of fun, food, games, and toys! There was probably little time for school work during the break and they will need a little time to settle back into the daily routines in the classroom. Take the first couple of weeks coming back to slowly review and help students adjust. This will make things easier on them AND on you! Fluency and Fitness has a great game to help review classroom rules and procedures HERE! 

Fluency & Fitness activity to review classroom rules and procedures

Take the time to review procedures and expectations, but also take some time to ease back into learning content. Review what you just taught before they left for the holiday break. Give students a little refresh on the material before jumping straight into new content. Need some review games? We’ve got you covered! 

Search by category in your Fluency and Fitness homepage and you will have tons of games to choose from for quick review! 


Thinking ahead and preparing in advance always helps reduce stress. Think ahead to what units or classroom events you have coming up. Start planning now to help the rest of the school year run smoothly. Make a list of things you need to prepare, reach out to parent volunteers you may need in advance, make a few copies at a time during your planning period. These might seem like small tasks now, but they will truly make a difference in how the rest of the school year goes! 

Take these simple tips to heart and we hope you have a great second half of the school year! Fluency and Fitness will be there with you along the way!

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