Did you know you we have editable Fluency & Fitness games? Having the ability to make your own custom game was one of the top suggestions from our members. Now it’s possible! You can simple add in your own text to make a game with skills that your students need for extra practice.

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How to create your own game

When designing this custom area to our website, I wanted to make it very easy to create your own editable Fluency & Fitness activity. You start off by going to the “My Games” tab. Here, you’ll find a simple form to fill out. Below is all the information that you’ll enter and the form will populate your own custom game.

TextFill in the text for the game by writing the title, directions, end slide, and what you want for the skill slides such as letter, numbers, sight words, math problems, sentences, etc.

Colors – Choose the font color and the background color of the slides.

Exercises – Choose the style of exercises for your game! You can pick from our regular exercise kids or pick some of our holiday and seasonal movements.

Format – Decide how many times you want each slide to appear in the game and how often you want the exercises to appear.

teacher creating and editable fluency and fitness brain break game

Simply hit Save and you’re ready to play your new editable Fluency & Fitness game! You can always go back and edit the game if necessary.

Where to find your editable Fluency & Fitness games

Once you have saved a game, you can go back to the “My Games” section to see all of the activities you’ve created. The games will be displayed in alphabetical order. You can play the game like all of the other activities on our site by simply clicking the “Options” drop down menu under the thumbnail and then selecting which timed version you’d like. These editable Fluency & Fitness games can be added to your “Favorites” section, but cannot be assigned to kids.

teacher created editable fluency and fitness games for academic brain breaks

You can design any game that you’d like as long as it is text. We’ve had members make games such as the alphabet, CVC words, sight words, simple sentences, number recognition, math facts, skip counting, etc. If you’re a bilingual teacher, you could even make a game in another language. For example, you could have the text in Spanish, but the exercises will always be in English as those are not editable.

Here’s a preview of how easy it is to make your own editable Fluency & Fitness activity and what it looks like once completed.

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