Are you planning a field day for your students? It’s the perfect way to end the school year with a bang! But don’t worry about what to do, here are some fun and easy field day games that are cheap and simple to put together. I have included some Amazon affiliate links to help you better find some of the materials you may need for field day.

kids during field day games and they're playing parachute

Class shirts – To start, make team shirts with your class name and year. We made six different colored shirts for each of the six Kindergarten classes, but make sure to avoid any colors that are already taken by other classes. Don’t forget to have students autograph each other’s shirts to remember their field day memories.

kids autographing their field day shirts

Limbo – One of the most classic field day games that always gets kids laughing, is Limbo. It’s challenging and fun, and a great break from running around. Have 2 adults hold a bar, while the kids try to fit under it. Keep lowering the bar closer to the ground each round to see which kid an get the lowest!

Sidewalk Chalk – For a more creative activity, let students have some fun with sidewalk chalk. We found a sidewalk chalk pack of 136 on Amazon for less than $20!

Drip, Drip, Drop – One of our favorite field day games is “Drip, Drip, Drop.” It’s similar to Duck, Duck, Goose, but with a water element. Students go around and say “drip” while squeezing a little water on each other’s heads. When they want someone to chase them, they say “drop” and pour more water on that person before running away. It’s a blast, especially on a hot day, but make sure to regulate the amount of water so that the kids don’t get too wet.

kid squirting water on another kid's head

Bean Bag Toss – This is another easy game to prep for field day. Provide your kids four bean bags to throw and try to get them in a bucket for their team to earn points. For a different variation, you could use a corn hole set or have kids throw the bean bags at a stack of cans.

Football Toss – Here’s another simple game that only requires a foam football and a hula hoop. Students try to throw the ball through the hoop to earn points.

Fill the Bucket Water games are perfect for field day, so we wanted to incorporate another one. Kids use sponges to transfer water from one bucket to another, trying to fill the second bucket up to a marked line. The first team to reach the line wins!

kid filling a bucket

Over/Under Hula hoops are cheap and easy for field days games, so we used them at another station. Students hold hands and climb through the hoop, passing it over and under their bodies to get around the circle.

Bozo Buckets or Yard Pong – Did you watch the Bozo the Clown show when you were younger? They always had a fun game called Bozo Buckets and this would be very easy to make on your own! Grab some buckets and put them in a line with different numbers. Have kids throw a ping pong ball (or other small ball) and try to make it in the 1st bucket, then the 2nd, and so on. You could also use buckets to set up Yard Pong and play like the common drinking game, without the beverages involved. 😉

Water break- Make sure to have a water station to keep students hydrated and give them a break to rest. Field Day games are fun, but it’s nice to get a break in the shade too. We even had popsicles for an extra treat!

Grab the 12 FREE signs for your field day games! You’ll even get an editable version, so you can make your own signs! Attach them to paint sticks, old election signs, orange cones, or whatever you have on hand. Have fun!

free field day signs in a pile

If you’re looking for more end-of-year activities, our membership comes with End of the Year Review Games for Fluency Find It and Fluency & Fitness. There are 6 games for each grade level with a mixture of literacy and math skills to review. Read about more end of year ideas in another blog post we’ve shared.

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